Ordering Info


Collection days are Monday and Thursday. Orders will be shipped by UPS Next Day Air. Saturday delivery is available.


Please Contact Kelton Mason for contract pricing details.

We offer contract pricing (March 1-June 30) and (Aug 15-Oct 31) as follows:

  • 20 dose : 10% discount (shipping specials apply)
  • 40 dose : 25% discount (shipping specials apply)
  • 80 dose plus : 50% discount and free shipping


Semen can be ordered by calling, texting (preferred) or emailing Kelton and providing name, sire & date needed, phone number and shipping information. A Stud representative will contact you for payment information if order is placed by text or email.


Overrun semen will be available at half price on collection days starting at 11 am CST. Orders can be placed until 4pm on collection days starting at 1pm CST.


Pick up orders will be available on collection days starting at 1:00 PM CST.


We have had tremendous success as far as conception and have recently implemented SOPs and consistent personnel to ensure we are providing the highest quality semen we can to our customers. We realize that many factors affect semen quality after it leaves our facility and more than semen quality has to be ideal for conception; however, as you place trust in us, we strive to do our part for you to be successful. We also acknowledge the amount of investment. For these reasons, we have decided to implement a guarantee settle policy

Guarantee settle applies to all semen purchased at Full Price.

Replacement orders will be handled exactly as any other order and will be filled in the order received.
Semen cannot be guaranteed to be available on the boar originally purchased or any specific boar.

The Stud, LLC will replace the semen at no charge.  The buyer is responsible for packaging, shipping charges, & any additional breeding supplies associated with the re-breeding.

Notification of non-settle must be made within 30 days of the shipping date of shipment.

Semen will be provided for up to 2 rebreeds with 2 doses provided for each re-breed.

Guarantee settle assumes you are breeding 1 female with 2 doses.  Splitting the semen into less than that amount and settling 1 and missing another or missing both is not considered a candidate for free replacement.

Guarantee settle does not apply if heat cycle does not go as planned and semen is not used within a 5 days from date of receipt.

Availability of semen cannot be guaranteed but if we have it available when you call, you will be treated just like any order and will be filled in the order received.

Your account must be paid in full to receive replacement semen.


We accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. All orders must have credit card information on file before the order will be shipped unless a prior working relationship has been established.

A 1.5% finance charge will be applied to all unpaid balances past 60 days. A 3% finance charge will applied to those unpaid more than 90 days. No semen will shipped to customers with outstanding balances past 60 days.


Boar tours are available by appointment. Please call, text or email Kelton or Daniel to set up an appointment.


The Stud has the highest quality semen standards available but cannot control the conditions under which the boar semen is used and/or the techniques used in insemination, and therefore, makes no warranties or representations beyond those made expressly herein. The Stud warrants that the product sold is of excellent quality and viability when it leaves our facilities. The Stud makes no other guarantees, warranties, or representations, either written or oral, expressed or implied. The Stud also does not make a guarantee concerning conception rate, breed purity of lines, liability of semen, and/or health of the product. In the event that any of our products are damaged in shipment, or prove to be defective, damages resulting from their use shall be limited to the purchase value of the semen. In no event shall The Stud be liable for consequential or incidental damages