Dash 9

Mr. Jones x Mr. Wolf x 96-6


Blueprint x Soundwave

$300 $125

Dressed to Kill

Sharp Dressed Man x "96-6"

Show Me Ur Swag

Swagger x Camel Toes x (Big Time x Space Monkey)

Mama’s Right

Magic Tough x County Fare

For The Love

Hillbilly Bone x Fare Shot x Recovery


Rated R x Super Monster

War Wagon

Warfare x (Powerhouse x 106-4)


Space Monkey x Super Monster

Johnny Football

Johnny Outlaw x 96-6 (Warfare x Split Decision)


Got Ur Swag x 96-6 Warfare

The Duke

No Hesitation x Warfare "96-6"



Wake Up x "20-4" (Monumental x Stick This)

Double Nickel

Private Party x Super Monster

Tricky Ricky

Abundant x Loose Change

$300 $125

Wake Up

Wake Up

Full Strut x Electric x Hot Shot

$200 $80

Hang Em High

Wake Up x Springsteen x Fatal

Mr. Jones

Mr. Wolf x “20-4” (Monumental x Stick This)

$200 $80

Beg For More

Beg For More

Wake Up x “Sleeping Beauty” (Monumental x 96-6)

Toll Booth

Muffin x Monumental “Sleeping Beauty”