For Sale


Farm opens 8/26 for private treaty sales.

Call for availability and to place an order!

Sale Date Sale Name Location
September 6 ONLINE SALE
September 17 Albany Pigs Sale Albany, TX
September 29-30 Kings of the Hill #1 Decatur, TX
October 14 Kings of the Hill #2 Pampa, TX
October 28 Fall Madness Brenham, TX
October 29 New Deal Pig Sale El Reno, OK
November 4 Catch Me Out Back Pig Sale Walters, OK




Offering mature Fall born keeper gilts directly out of our sow pen. All gilts will be in proper breeding condition, sound, & vaccinated per The Stud protocol.

Option 1: 

Buyer has the option to keep gilt at The Stud to be bred to any boar of their choice in The Stud lineup!

  • The buyer will not be responsible for the cost of semen, labor, breeding supplies, and synchronization or pre-breeding vaccinations.
  • Buyer must take delivery no sooner than 30 days post breeding and no later than 45 days post breeding.
  • All females will be started on Matrix 8/28 and come off on 9/14. All females will be bred 9/18-23 with farrowing due dates January 11-16. We are offering directly out of our keeper female pens and the group has to be synchronized for these dates as a set to fit our farrowing schedule on the ones that do not sell.

In the case that the female does not settle the buyer has the following options:

  • We will rebreed with no additional cost
    *If female does not settle 2nd attempt, then buyer will have the option to be refunded the purchase price or other arrangement made between The Stud and the buyer, which could include purchase credit with The Stud, replacement with another female (bred or open), or taking possession of the gilt.
  • Take possession of the gilt not bred
Option 2:

Buyer has the option to take the gilt open. All gilts sold as is. They are in proper breeding condition, sound and vaccinated (FarrowSure B). These will be synchronized with the rest of the group even if the buyer takes the gilt open. (All gilts not sold will be bred and kept by The Stud!)