Huge Opportunity From The Stud!

This year we have decided to offer, publicly, the majority of our open females to be sold private treaty on a first come, first served basis. We have spent the past three years growing our herd at The Stud. There has been a lot of growth and turn over in the process and, as a result, we have found the comfortable number of sows for us to manage. Our sow herd is very young, therefore currently, we do not have to incorporate as many gilts into our herd.

These females will consist of all the gilts that we either kept as potential replacements or that we “leased” to be shown and brought back as potential replacements. Every gilt will be out of sow lines that we have built upon and were “tagged” as replacement quality even before they were farrowed because of genetic value, and then phenotypically they are the top end.

We all know and definitely have seen first-hand the immense value of the right female backed by the right genetics. We have been very fortunate to have some of these elite females to work with and their influence has been unbelievable. Take the cornerstone sow “96-6”, she was a lease gilt that placed 2nd in class at her county show, but she was the kind to make a difference and out of a great litter. We now have over 50 daughters and granddaughters and 12 sons or grandsons have made it into boar studs, not to mention the impact in the show ring!!

We will have these gilts listed on the Private Treaty Gilts Page and we will continually be adding new gilts as they become available. We will take the gilts off that are either sold or we have pulled into our herd to be bred, so continually check that page to see what we have!

In short, this is a unique time where we can share basically our entire female base with the public. Please take advantage of this opportunity. We would love nothing more than to allow other breeders to increase their numbers with gilts from The Stud, or lay in that one female that makes all the difference!!