I’ve Learned: Kaylee Ginn

About showmanship:
“Kelton always works with me on showing the best view of each pig, specifically, what speed to show the pigs and reminds me that each pig is different so we work to figure out what is best for each pig.”

About feeding:
“When we send videos, Kelton tells us what is good and bad about the pigs and then how to change the feed. That really helps for the next time we see that change.”

Anything else about raising pigs (health, evaluation, etc.):
“I have learned that keeping the pig comfortable at all times is important. Maybe putting ice in the trailer or heat lamps at the show. We may stop 10 times on a 2 hour trip to check them, but its important! Also, I’ve learned that each pig can be clipped a little differently, at different lengths, etc. to make him look his best.”

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