Be a Stud Showpig Camp Frequently Asked Questions


The response to the camps have been extremely exciting (and honestly a little overwhelming). Thank you very much! We are definitely honored, and like I said, excited to be able to work with kids and families that want to learn and be as successful as possible.

Here are answers to a few questions that we have been asked:

1-The camps will be held in Brenham, Texas at the Washington County Fairgrounds. This will allow for a real life show setting, better training opportunity and enough room for as many pigs as you want to bring.

2-Day 2 will continue to build on what we learn on Day 1 as far as showmanship and will conclude with a showmanship contest. There will be additional information on Day 2 so we encourage participation both days, but it is not mandatory. However, you do need to be at the camp Day 1 to come on Day 2.

3-If you bring pig(s) bred by The Stud, the fees for the second day are waived. However, to reserve your spot for Day 2, please go ahead and sign up for both days and pay the fee. This will be reimbursed when you show up.

4-We do feel it very beneficial to have your own pig to work with. At the end of the day(s), it seems like the pig is trained about as much as the exhibitor, and being trained together goes a long in the end.  There is another camp in January and will have more this summer.

5- We are going to treat the camps as training from the time you pull into the gate, just like you are at a show the whole time. With that being said, you need to bring feed, feeders, shavings, buckets, whip, brush, heat lamps/cords, if necessary, and whatever other show supplies you would like.  The bare necessity of feed and feeder is all you are required to bring.

6-This is your camp!!  We have run several camps over the years and seen things that work and do not, but we want you to leave with what you came for. If there are any “special” requests, please let us know!!