Inside The Stud : Just the Beginning

My dream job during college was to work on a showpig farm in Texas, but that job seemed few and far between with graduation quickly approaching from Sam Houston State. I gained a strong passion for the swine industry and an appreciation for all its values this industry stands for when I was a showman, and I knew this was the field I wanted to pursue a career in. When I came across the assistant manager position for The Stud I thought it was the perfect job and exactly what I was aiming for upon graduation, but I still had six months of school left before graduating. I also felt I wasn’t experienced in a few of the tasks the job required so I began to doubt myself for the position.

My boyfriend then told me, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take!” He was right. So I applied for the full time position, and then emailed Kelton afterwards asking if there was any room for a part time employee because I really wanted the opportunity to work in the showpig industry. The worst thing that could happen is I would be told no, so I had nothing to lose. The next day I received an email from Kelton informing me I was not selected for the full time job, but he had been thinking of additional part time help and was excited that I was interested. We met the next week and he gave me a job working at The Stud.

Looking back, I’m grateful for pushing myself to do something that put me outside my comfort zone because it made me grow as an individual and eventually a full time job. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and strive for something you want because most of the time the risk comes with great reward!

I have been working full time at The Stud for two months now and it has been quite a learning experience. Coming into this job with an outsider’s view point as a showman to an insider’s perspective as an employee has been a continual eye opener. I work in the semen lab processing and improvising techniques of extending boar semen, prepping nurseries for babies, farrowing and processing litters, picturing boars for advertising and managing The Stud accounts. Everyday I partake in a new task and constantly have the opportunity to learn more, but along with learning comes mistakes. I have spilled a sold out collection of semen on the floor, been chased by Heath (the new Great Pyrenees) for getting too close to his bred gilts, stayed up until 3am farrowing sows and overslept missing work the next day, fighting the seemingly growing population of spiders I greatly fear, to “driving” a skid steer to unload feed from a truck. At the end of the day we always get a good laugh at these moments and continue to work together to improve the farm and ourselves.

I’m thrilled to be able to share my new adventure with y’all and hope that I will be able to give the world a little insight on what the day to day life of the farm is all about. This is only the beginning of my journey here at The Stud, and I’m excited to have y’all follow along with me!