The Stud Boars Quick Breeder Guide :: White Boars

Welcome to the first of our quick guide series, where we will highlight our boars and discuss openly their strengths and area’s to protect when making your breeding decisions. Kelton and Daniel have the most faith in our set of sires and are available to discuss each sire in more detail at any time! Kelton: 217-251-5833. As always, we appreciate your business and interest in The Stud Boars…breed #studstrong!


What he will do:
-Killer look, tall shouldered
-Huge back shape and power
-Big chest and square
-Dominant white

What to watch:
-He will add a lot of power. Do not take to too much muscle.
-He will strip all color out which is great to make Yorks but don’t expect much blue.

Gas Pedal-BlogImage
What he will do:
-Add width and muscle Like Mr. Wolf, but softer muscle and center
-Add bone
-Flexible, athletic
-Level design, long front end and hip

What to watch:
-Will not shorten length of body
-Will throw a notch bigger ear (not to the point of not classifying, just larger ear)
-More Color than Mr. Wolf

What we expect:
-add Chub and softness of center
-add bulk and mas
-Add bone
-Sound, and flexible

What to watch:
-Although doesn’t look or act Stress Positive he is so breed accordingly
-Don’t take to sows that are too short and chubby

Double Nickel-BlogImage

What he will do:
-Make extremely tall fronted, up headed and attractive pigs
-Add width/muscle from behind
-Add bone
-Very loose jointed and flexible

What to watch:
-Take to enough forerib/heart depth
-He will throw solid White, Great Blue Butt Color as well as belts