We’re Hiring :: Your Questions Answered

Have you heard we’re hiring?! We’ve had great feedback, questions and applicants thus far. Through the process we’ve had tons of calls and some frequently asked questions. If you’ve been curious, but haven’t picked up the phone yet, check below!

-Deadline for Applications: All applications must be submitted by December 10th. We will sort through and contact finalists by December 15th.

-This is one job opening that will have responsibilities both with the showpig division and boar stud.

-Required previous pig experience can be varied; however, attitude, willingness to learn and ability to adapt are as important as skill set.

-There is a farm house available on location that will be offered as permanent residence or can be used while looking for residence.

-Salary based compensation with potential performance bonus opportunities and on-farm housing consideration (if desired)

Click HERE for the full application and job description.